CBM 8050 Graphic


This is the image of the 8050, which I made in Photoshop. All the layers are there, to edit the details. If you want a copy of the file go here: CBM 8050 PSD

My BBS in the day had one of these, an 8250 and a SFD1001 attached to a BUS Card with a pile of 1541’s. The grade school I was in, had 4 pets sharing an 8050. That was the first network I noticed, then a pair of ICON’s showed up.

Amiga and Commodore Disk Icons for SD Cards

clogo8 kick icon source

A link to the Photoshop sources are here: Photoshop Files

A link to the actual .ICO Files are here : Windows ICO

I’ve also included with the ICO files the config file that you can use to make these a disk icon. These are nice to replace the SD cards default disk icon, great for people with MMC replays or Turbo Chameleon 64’s. Note: The Commodore PSD uses Adobe Photoshop CC’s 3D capabilities, the other file is a flat bitmap.

KickAss IDE: The Best C64 Cross Development Platform

KickAss IDE, is a great setup. On my Win7 machine, I really enjoy using it. After years of mixed tools for c64 dev, having a full IDE is amazing. If you are into doing some c64 coding on a windows machine, pick it up!

It’s too bad there isn’t a OSX port, I ended up using the Kick Assembler with UltraEdit on OSX.

The installer is at CDSB: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=116290